All my women who Independent, throw your hands up at me!  Independence is one of the most admirable traits anyone can have. I think being independent women is a perfect mix of vulnerability and strength, which in today’s day and age is not always easy to portray without coming off in a negative way. The idea that women need a man (or anybody) to take care of them is something that I have been trying to combat since I was a little girl. Modern society makes us women believe that independence is something that we cannot always aspire to or become. I am here to share with your my top 10 habits of independent women and how we independent women have weakness and strengths just like everybody else, but we are beautifully determined and powerful. So what are the habits of independent women?
 10 Habits of Independent Women
  1. Unapologetic for our lifestyle – We have grown up taking care of ourselves first and foremost, whether our circumstances forced us to or we simply wanted to and because of this we are proud of where we have come. We like all the things we have bought, achieved, and survived through. Because of this, we do not apologize for the life we lead. We are proud of it.
  2. They don’t wait for others to buy them flowers – Independent women do not wait for the attention of others. We do not need men or anyone buying us flowers because we can damn well buy them for ourselves.
  3. Go to restaurants alone – This may feel awkward to the average woman, but a woman that leads an independent lifestyle prefer spending some quality time alone at a restaurant while enjoying a delicious meal of her choosing. They don’t hide behind a book or laptop while dining alone because restaurants are meant to be dining in, even if it means dining alone.10 Habits of Independent Women
  4. Independent women never wait for guys to call or text – Being self-confident as they are, women like us will never waste their time waiting for some guy to call or text. We are not only a good catch, we are a great catch. Instead of crying over the lack of a call or a text. We put on our little black dress that we bought ourselves and take ourselves out to meet a man that isn’t going to waste our time.
  5. Travel Solo – This may seem like a scary concept, but an independent woman we know that our travel buddy is not always around and available to see the world with us, so instead of waiting around to fit into someone else’s schedule we get up and go. We explore on our own because we want to and because we work on our own schedule.10 Habits of Independent Women
  6. They never look for a boyfriend; they are looking for an equal partner – Being independent means you do not need to be someone’s girlfriend. What we need is someone equal in independence, someone, who can stand on their own two feels, someone who can match our daily hustle and not be afraid to stand next to a woman who can stand on her own two feet.
  7. They pay for the bill – We have been paying our own bills for years, we don’t need anyone else to pay for it. We appreciate that having dinner paid for is a nice feature, but us independent women want to make it a point that we can take care of ourselves.10 Habits of Independent Women
  8. Their goals are their priority – We all have goals, but this means that we don’t let anyone or anything stand in the way of achieving success.
  9. They know exactly what they want – And they aren’t afraid to ask.
  10. They don’t need to be spoiled -because we spoil ourselves. We love being spoiled, but we don’t wait around for someone to do that for us. When we want something we go and get it. We hustle hard enough to spoil ourselves.10 Habits of Independent Women
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