1Rebel London | Gym Review

1Rebel London | Gym Review

1rebel is the gym that is made for people who hate the gym. They have embraced an entirely new concept of fitness. They call themselves a “high intensity, dual studio fitness concept”. What this means is 1rebel has two rooms, once is for spinning and the other is for their class called reshape. That is it. No free weights section, no cardio machines, no machines. This gym is purely a class-based studio gym. They are also super eco friendly so no plastic is used when you buy a post-workout shake and if you forget your reusable water bottle, don’t worry they have some you can borrow for your workout and return when you are done.

First let’s talk about the 1 rebel spin classes. These classes make you feel like you are in a club and not fighting to catch your breath. It is also really cool that sometimes your ride is accompanied by real live musicians. I have not had a chance to take part in such a ride class, but even their regular ride classes have such a cool environment that makes you feel like you are not even working out.

The second class they offer is called reshape and this class is basically a high intensity workout on steroids. If you do not like running at a million miles an hour I don’t think this is the class for you. The class alternates between running on a treadmill then weights. The entire class all I think about it “please help I didn’t know a workout could be so painful!” It is by far the most intense workout you will get in 45minutes.

Both classes are such a great workout and you will bust through hundreds of calories and get a sweaty workout in. Once you are finished with the workout you can then use the ultra-chic changing rooms to freshen up and either get started with your day or get ready for a night out. These changing rooms are second to none. They have everything you can imagine and if you forgot something, don’t worry they will likely have it in the changing rooms.

The industrial chic changing rooms have everything you could imagine and then some. The 1rebel changing room I visited had heated benches, refrigerated towels to cool off after a hot and sweaty workout, oversized showers and towels, as well as Aveda bathroom products. They have light up mirrors, GHD straight irons and blow dryers, deodorant, hair ties, hair spray and everything except your personal makeup to get ready.

Once you are done with your workout and your freshen up in lovely changing rooms you can visit their 100% organic juice and smoothie bar. Oh, and if it is a Friday evening you might even get a free glass of champagne at selected locations to kick off the weekend after that tough workout.

All in all, this gym is the antidote to a boring gym. If you are a workout class fanatic I highly recommend checking out this gym! I know once lockdown is over I will be back for one of their grueling workouts. You can take your first class for as low as £10. The passes are all no-contract ‘pay-as-you-go’ for a flexible and commitment-free approach to gyming. Check out their website for more information: https://www.1rebel.com/uk/buy


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