Looking back at my old posts and pictures all I can think is, “did I really wear that?” It’s hard to believe how much my fashion sense has changed over the years. After going through my old photos I wish I could tell my past self some of my fashion tips that I know now. I may not know everything about fashion, but I think these 3 fashion tips below are some that everyone can benefit from.
3 Fashion Tips I Wish I Knew Earlier in Life


Make sure you figure out your own style and make it your own. Also, don’t forget to change your style if you don’t like it, don’t be afraid of being you. Following a trend is exhausting. Create a classic style and you will realize that even when fashion trends die out your style will never.


Those imagined micro-flaws don’t exist. I am the queen of looking at every inch of flaws on my body. As a fashion blogger, I look at hundreds of photos of myself and criticise my body. I always forget to cherish my health, amazing metabolism, and the fact that my body is the most beautiful it will ever be. In 2017 I went on a weight loss journey and I have been even harder on my body since then, but we all need to take a moment to remember that we only get one life and one body to live it, so we should stop sweating the small stuff…like cellulite or stretch marks, they are all a beautiful part of the human body.
 3 Fashion Tips I Wish I Knew Earlier in Life


Now, this is a hard tip to follow, but seriously spending money on a piece of clothing is such a waste compared to spending money on experiences, travel and moments you can cherish like a vacation. Save your money, make investments, and live within your budget. As you grow up paying back credit cards is exhausting and no fun, buy a few basic pieces that you need and save the rest. A year from now £20 on a shirt that you end up throwing away very £20 saved will make a world of difference, trust me.
3 Fashion Tips I Wish I Knew Earlier in Life

If I’d known these fashion tips earlier in life I could have saved myself time, money and heartbreak. Of course, hindsight is twenty-twenty but hopefully, these tips will help you sooner than they helped me!


Dress – Tobi.com

Shoes – Asos

Watch – Michael Kors

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