31 things I have learned in life

31 things I have learned in life

On my birthday I wanted to share 31 things I have learned in life so far. I have not figured out life completely but I thought it would be fun to share my insights into life so far. I spent my birthday in quarantine because of the global pandemic. Being at home alone made me reflect on my life and everything I have learned so far. I thought it would be fun to share in a blog post.

Please see below for my list of 31 Things I have learned in life:

31. Trying and failing over and over again is normal

30. I learned to stop hating every ounce of fat on my body

29. Let go of the drama. Create a supportive community around you.

28. I learned to cook

27. You might not like gardening when you are younger, but in your late 20s you will appreciate growing your own veggies

26. You can never put on enough SPF

25. You will lose friends as you get older and that is ok

24. Having a dog will make your life complete and your house a home

23. Beetroot tastes like dirt…no matter what you do to it. But do eat your veggies

22. Color your hair every color of the rainbow but remember the natural color you are born with is what suits you best

21. Everyone is winging it. Don’t ever feel like you are behind because you see someone else doing well

20. It’s not your job to make everyone happy, make yourself happy

19. Unfollow anyone that makes you feel bad about yourself. Your mental health is the most important

18. It’s cool to be kind. We’re all huge weirdos anyway.

17. Work isn’t everything. You need to take a break. You don’t get points for being the busiest. I’m tired of hearing about the hustle.

16. If your talents are being wasted in the wrong role, it’s OK to leave it. Find your fit and place value on yourself even if others don’t. Everyone has their own objectives and idea of “who you are.”

15. Life is really too short to not eat dinner for the sake of skinny. Firstly, you’re magnificent as you are, and secondly, never waste an opportunity to eat something delicious.

14. You are never too old to eat chicken dippers and french fries, watch Disney films or enjoy coloring in a coloring book

13. Let it go. The past, the stress, everything. The easiest way to move forward in life is to let it go and not let things affect you.

12. Prioritise sleep. It is something we will not be able to get back.

11. You will never regret the workout once you have done it.

10. Your twenties are for having fun. During the first half of my twenties, I was trying so hard to be an adult.

09. Date yourself. You will be surprised to learn so many things you like and dislike about your choices.

08. Know your value, and then add tax: I no longer work for free, I charge what I’m worth, plus some, in every situation

07. Give it time. Everything will eventually make sense. There’s a reason you didn’t get that job. There’s a reason you met that person. There is a reason that bad things happened. It may not make sense now, but eventually, it will.

06. Gratitude is everything

05. Carbs are never the enemy

04. Someone else’s success doesn’t diminish yours – We need to stick together, lift each other up, and be happy for other people’s happiness. Jealousy is an unhealthy and ugly monster that is never beneficial and none of us need it.

03. Record your life.
Photos, videos, journals, you don’t have to record everything to the point where you’re missing the moment but have something you can look back on later and smile about. I’m thinking years from now it’ll be fun to look back on this list or really anything from this blog.

02. If you have the opportunity to move somewhere new, do it. – I have lived abroad for 9 years of my life now (the majority of my 20s) and I don’t regret it for a second. Living abroad is the growth you can only find from being alone, finding footing on foreign ground, and generally experiencing situations that are new and scary. All these things make you better.

01. Be present. No matter what you are doing, be as present and aware as you can. Give it your all.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and learned some life lessons along with me. If there are any other life lessons you have learned feel free to share them in the comments.

The dress I am wearing in this post is from H&M. It can be found here.


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