Since all my recent posts have been about food, I thought it as about time to bring back a fashion post. If you look at my past fashion posts or my Instagram, you can probably tell I am not one to wear too much color, but lately, I’ve found myself extremely attracted to the color red on my body. I think this has a lot to do with my recent weight loss. I feel more confident in my body than ever before. Today’s post will be about this flirty, girly, yet sexy dress and my tips on how to feel confident in your body.
 5 Ways to feel confident in your body - Red Dress to Impress 5 Ways to feel confident in your body - Red Dress to Impress
With this dress, it was love at first sign. I mean, can it be any other way? It is perfect for date nights, a birthday party or some cocktails with the girl. Because it is sexy enough but still a classic it is perfectly acceptable for many different occasions. But the best part of this dress is it makes me feel confident in my body. for the condition of your hair to your body weight to the marks on your skin, there are a million different reason to either love or loathe your body. To help you feel happier in your own skin, I am going to show you how to feel confident. So let’s get into my top 5 way you can feel confident in your body.5 Ways to feel confident in your body - Red Dress to Impress
  1. Stop comparing yourself to others – This was very hard for me to do at first and I do find myself from time to time looking at someone else’s body and wishing it was mine, but the first step to loving your own body is to stop wishing you had someone else’s body. It doesn’t matter how perfect you think someone else’s body is, you have to stop the comparisons.
  2. Learn to take a compliment – Are you guilty of throwing away praise when it is given to you? Stop it! Learn to say thank you when someone says you look nice or your new hair suits you. Just say thanks. The more compliments you accept, the more comfortable you will feel when accepting them in the future and at some point, you will start believing them.
  3. Wear the right clothes for your body type – It has taken me years to master this, but I have finally learned what type of clothing I should wear to highlight the best parts of my body. If you feel that your clothes are not complementing your body then you are probably investing in the wrong style. Aim to wear clothes that suit your body shape.5 Ways to feel confident in your body - Red Dress to Impress
  4. Identify your bet qualities – take a minute or even 10 minutes to look at yourself in the mirror. Whether you realize it or not, you will see many qualities that could boost your confidence. After looking at yourself and identifying these amazing qualities and features you have to write them down. Write down at least 3 positive things about your appearance. It could be your beautiful hair, eyes, or skin. Just make sure you appreciate what you already have that is perfect. The next time a negative thought appears in your head just remember the positive body thoughts you wrote down.
  5.  Remember the good things your body has done – We all take our bodies for granted. The human body is capable of some pretty amazing things. We put our bodies through a lot in our lives and it is still around to support us and carry us through life. If you have run a marathon or a 5K remember those things you put your body though, and you are only stronger because of it. It is always nice to have a body that is aesthetically pleasing, but it is even more amazing to do amazing things with the body you have.
 5 Ways to feel confident in your body - Red Dress to Impress 5 Ways to feel confident in your body - Red Dress to Impress
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