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Hey everyone!  I’m Anika, a lifestyle blogger, and vlogger, here to share my interests with the online world. This blos is all about me, hence the name, All About Anika. I’m a makeup enthusiast, Tv show addict, camera nerd, and travel fanatic! I am a California girl at heart, but the world is my oyster and I am currently living in London. I have lived in the US, Germany. and now the UK. This blog is all about me, hence the name (All About Anika).
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My internet journey started in 2011 when I began creating YouTube videos about beauty and style. At the time, I didn’t think much of taking on a new hobby, but it ended up becoming one of my passions.  After 5 years of being in the internet world, I have broadened my fashion and beauty skills and hope to share my knowledge with you! My internet journey started on YouTube, but I have decided to expand my passion into blogging.

I hope you enjoy my site and be sure to check out my YouTube channel if you want to see videos as well!

Always Remember…
We are all beautiful, makeup only enhances our beauty!

Until next time, STAY POSITIVE! 🙂


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