One of the most beneficial mindsets is the one of an optimist. When most people first meet me they always tell me I am ever the optimist, which is very true, but being an optimistic person in a pessimistic world isn’t always the easiest. I am a strong believer that no obstacle will ever be enough to dull the spirits of a positive thinker and because of this positive mindset, they are bound to succeed. I am not always an optimistic person, but 99% of the time I try to be. It is not easy to be positive when we live in a world full of haters, body shamers, and racism. Everything in the media makes us believe that it is easier to be unhappy, which it totally is. You have to fight to stay positive even in the darkest of hours. I am a fighter and I continue to look at the world as the glass half full. While some psychologists think optimism is a personality trait we are born with, others believe that optimism can be learned. I am a believer in the latter. Anything in life can be learned, you just have to work hard enough to achieve it. Being an optimistic and sharing person, I want to share my top 5 ways to become an optimistic person with you all today.

5 Ways to become an optimistic person

As any successful person to tell you the secret to winning, to exceeding goals, to feeling fulfilled and accomplished, and they will usually say that optimism is the key. Optimism is what helps us deal with the unexpected. Optimism doesn’t just make us feel happier, it also makes us more confident! At the end of the day, optimism helps us believe in ourselves and self-love is the best kind of love in the world. 

5 Ways to become an optimistic person

Here are 5 ways to cultivate optimism and confidence in your own life.

  1. Write down your “well dones – At the end of the day write down a few good things that happened that day. Turn off your phone and grab a pen and paper and actually write. I know this concept might be hard, but writing down accomplishments connects with our mind on a deeper level. It is a huge confidence boost to see all your accomplishments (no matter how large or small) all written down. This simple activity reinforced optimism on a daily basis 5 Ways to become an optimistic person
  2. Speak with success – Sometime’s it’s not about the specific situation that shows optimism but how we tell the story. If you had a tough day, but you tell your friends that you tried your best to get through it, this shows signs of positivity which will lead to optimism. 5 Ways to become an optimistic person
  3. Smile at everything – Smiles are contagious, so smile at a stranger and see if they smile back. I guarantee they will! Smiling and laughing always helps lighten and brighten the mood. Even in a bad situation, a smile makes the situation seem better and easier to handle. 5 Ways to become an optimistic person
  4. Focus on solutions, not problems – If you find yourself obsessed with a problem, or feeling negative, change your focus. Stop the self-doubt and ask yourself: “What’s one thing I could do differently to make this situation better?” Replacing a problem with solution-focused thinking immediately gives you a sense of forward movement and optimism. When you feel like you are moving forward you are building the foundation of optimism and hope.5 Ways to become an optimistic person
  5. Be your own cheerleader – Many of us perform better when we are told by someone else how great we are or someone cheering us on. To be truly successful you have to be self-aware and accountable for yourself. Like I said before, self-love is the best kind of love and you need to embrace that you are the only person in the world that will always have your own back. One way to reinforce this trait would be to think of your role model and think if this person was faced with this task what would they do? In my case, what would Beyonce do? 5 Ways to become an optimistic person

I hope these 5 tips help you become the optimistic person that you have always wanted to be. Keep your head up ladies and keep pushing towards your goals. If you have any other tips to share, make sure to leave them in the comments below. 

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5 Ways to become an optimistic person

I hope this blog post has encouraged you to remember you are doing the best that you can and that we are all just trying to figure out how to be optimistic together. If you enjoyed this blog post, I would love if you saved/heart it on Bloglovin’! If you want to get instant updates on my life make sure to follow me on Snapchat (@anikazzz) or check out my InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.

5 Ways to become an optimistic person

  1. I used to be a naturally ‘glass half empty’ kind of a person so I’m really trying to change my ways and become more optimistic about everything. I loved all of these tips and I think the concept of writing down your ‘well dones’ is really clever and uplifting 🙂

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! x
      And yes it totally helps writing things down and glad to hear you are trying to be more positive! Keep it up!!! 🙂

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