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Today I want to share my summer holiday in Sardinia! I spent 5 glorious days on this lovely island and it was the perfect summer getaway for my family and I. I still cannot get over how blue the water was, it was mesmerizing! Also the landscape of the island was quite unique as well. Most of the island looks like a dessert with lots of dry bits, cactus, and sharp rocks. In the middle of the week, I spent a day on a sailboat that took us out to sea and around a bit of the island to go snorkeling and swim out in the sea. It was such a lovely experience and I got a few great shots of some of the landscape that makes up Sardinia. There is just something so magical about being out on the sea and having the salty breeze against your face. I loved every minute of being on the sailboat and I especially loved swimming with the fish when we stopped periodically on our journey. Overall the boat ride was 4 hours, with some refreshments and snorkeling; it was truly such a great experience. I highly recommend everyone to take boat tour/cruise while on the island. Also, not to mentioned, it was just so peaceful and nice to be out at sea and have a calming moment to myself to just think about life and appreciate all the little things. It’s really important to take a minute out of our busy lives and remember to appreciate life and be grateful for everything we have. My 5 day trip to Sardinia gave me the time to really appreciate my family, friends and my life. Remember to take the time to appreciate  everything you have in your life.
Bikini – Topshop
Sarong – ASOS
Hat – Forever 21
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