Do you want to experience a one a kind of market located in the heart of London? Do you want to find every type of dessert possible? Then you have to visit Borough Market on a Saturday in London. Borough Market is an amazing place to stop by and have a look and taste through. To get to the market you can take the tube to London Bridge, or if you want to enjoy a scenic walk along the river you can walk from London Waterloo along the Thames to get there and you won’t be disappointed when you arrive and see a vast array of food stalls and the diversity of quality food options. 

Borough Market is a gourmet food market with 100s of food stalls and stands representing food from all around the globe. Producers from around the country bring fresh produce to the market including cheese, bread, meats, olives and much, much more! The market is open from 7 days of the week and it is the busiest at the weekend around lunch time. There are many markets to explore in London, but I have to say that Borough Market is one of my favorites. I really love to stop by and pick up some fresh produce as well as just wander and take in the amazing array of ingredients. This is a great place to shop for ingredients if you are a London local, but I will warn you that it is not cheap. 

Saturday's at Borough Market in London

If you are visiting London and a foodie I would highly recommend stopping by. You can grab a quick lunch here or of course end up spending an entire day getting lost amongst the stalls. If you do end up going, make sure you go hungry. Lunch is the best time to stop by, aside from picking up a street food inspired lunch, you can also get samples from all the different vendors. My first time at this market I was truly astonished at how large it really is. It is a hidden gem and from the outside, it doesn’t look too large, but once you step in it’s quite vast with tons of vendors all ranging from fruits to flowers to everything in between. 

The food is amazing, but I was blown away by the desserts. From homemade fudge to macaroons to even different types of croissants – this market has everything I was looking for and more. Since this is more of a street food inspired market I would recommend bringing cash. 

Saturday's at Borough Market in London

Here are some of my tips for visiting the market and what you should defiantly see/try: 

  • Olive Oil & Company: Try to buy your favorite oils, vinegar, and cheese here. They let you taste before you buy and you will not be disappointed in the quality
  • Prosecco & Oysters: This is a must, but always busy. Grab some and get away from the crowd and enjoy them elsewhere
  • Spice Mountain: Offers hundreds of different types of spices 
  • Take your food and walk away from the busy market and have a picnic by Tower Bridge. This market is packed on the weekends with very little room to walk, let alone sit and eat. I would recommend picking up bits and pieces and heading away from the market to enjoy them. 

If you’re visiting London – you must make coming to this market one of the first things you do! I promise you it will be worth it. Have you been to Southbank Center Food Market? What was your favorite stall? Leave a comment down below of what you think! 

Saturday's at Borough Market in London

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