A few weekends ago I had the pleasure of joining 49 other influential instagrammers on a food tour of London for the WorldWideInstaMeet 14. Our day was filled with buying, tasting, and experiencing food around London. Our first stop was at the Mondrian Hotel which I’ve already written a blog post on and you can read it here. The second stop on our food tour was at the Borough Market. This wasn’t my first time visiting Borough Market, but this trip was really special. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Borough Market, it is a wholesale and food market in Southwark, London. It’s one of the oldest and largest markets in London. It is also a particularly busy market, especially on Saturdays.


On Saturday Septemebr 17th I visited Borough Market with 49 other Instagrammers. Like I said before, this trip to the market was different because we were going to “do something for nothing”. We were given £10 and told to go shopping for fresh produce at the market. The challenge was to taste the rainbow and buy as much colorful produce that we could with the £10. I opted for some gorgeous heriloom tomatoes and sweet black cherries. Once we got through purchasing our produce we were told by the event organizers that we were going to donate all the food we purchased to Jamie Oliver’s culinary school. The students of the school were then going to cook the food and donate the meals to a homeless shelter. Which ultimately led us to do something for nothing.


The whole concept of visiting the market to donate back to the community was really touching. We were bring food from the market to a Michelin restaurant that would then be prepared to serve to homeless people. The entire idea of it still makes me smiling knowing that we did something for the greater good.


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