The best kind of brunch, in my opinion, is a burger brunch. We can’t talk about brunch in Chelsea without mentioning the infamous cafe and restaurant, Bluebird. This restaurant is notorious for its links with Made in Chelsea. It is a spacious cafe at the heart of King’s Road. The cafe features an outdoor space as well as well balanced enclosed dining area. You can sit outside and take part in their “BigBird” brunch as you watch the posh cars drive by. 

Bluebird has a sophisticated, clean, and delicious Sunday Brunch. I went for the first time with a friend and the food definitely did not disappoint. Fair warning, I wore jeans and a t-shirt and I was definitely underdressed. We were still allowed to enjoy brunch, but most of the diners at Bluebird were wearing their Sunday best and were definitely not there for a casual brunch. I guess you do have to dress up at this place just in case you bump into Spencer.

This cafe is located right on the King’s Road and it is famous for the cafe and courtyard. It is a perfect place for people-watching over lunch, dinner or brunch. Upstairs they have a chic cocktail bar, bright restaurant, and a modern menu. We made reservations for the restaurant and were seated promptly after our entire party had arrived. We got there at 12:30 pm, and the place seems pretty empty, but within the hour the entire restaurant was filled and there wasn’t an open seat left. If you want to try their famous brunch I would highly recommend making a reservation. 

I booked a table at Bluebird for Brunch when my friend mentioned that it was the place to be seen in Chelsea, especially since so many of the of the cast member of Made in Chelsea have been spotted there. As you can imagine it is an elegant, upscale brunch place which is literally the spitting image of where I would be seen every weekend if I have the money to do so. It was definitely a fun first visit and if I go back it would be perfect for a ‘dress-up’ fancy brunch out with the girls 

Their menu items are typical of brunch, with eggs served up in fancy ways, but they seem to have more lunch heavy options over breakfast options. You can choose from either a 2-course brunch costing 22.50 pounds or a 3-course brunch for 25 pounds. Since it was my first time there I decided to go all out and go for the three course sitting. I also ordered a bloody mary with my meal since I heard their cocktails are well known in the Chelsea area. The cocktail list here is actually impressively long. 

For my first course, I got the crispy duck salad, broccoli, frisee, and maple dressing. To be honest, even though they had a stunning presentation of the food, I was not impressed by my first course. I think I was expecting a bit more duck, but there was just a few little bits in the salad. The salad was not quite there, very small, and the dressing was thin and meek. For my second course, I got the burger. I was very hungry and the size of this burger hit the spot. It was a good size and I loved the sauce and tomato relish on the burger. Also, the buns were perfectly toasted and not too heavy. Finally, I finished with french toast, cinnamon sugar, and berry compote. I could have easily only had the two-course menu because by the third course I was stuffed. My recommendation would be to get the two-course menu with the main course and a dessert and skip the starters. 

My only criticism of the restaurant would be the service so-so. The servers seemed to be irritated when we asked for more water or ketchup. Also, they took their sweet time to bring us each course. I understand that Sunday brunch is meant to be a longer affair, but we spent 3 hours at Bluebird mainly because our courses arrived so slowly. I assume that service would be top-notch at a relatively expensive restaurant. 

Overall, I’d give the food high marks, but I wouldn’t go back due to the poor service. I think it would be a fun place to be when it is warmer and you can go for drinks and starters in the courtyard. I hope this blog post has encouraged you to go out in London and check out all the amazing food this city has to offer. If you enjoyed this blog post, I would love if you saved/heart it on Bloglovin’! If you want to get instant updates on my life make sure to follow me on Snapchat (@anikazzz) or check out my InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.

Upscale Brunch at Bluebird Chelsea Upscale Brunch at Bluebird Chelsea Upscale Brunch at Bluebird Chelsea Upscale Brunch at Bluebird Chelsea Upscale Brunch at Bluebird Chelsea Upscale Brunch at Bluebird Chelsea

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