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For those of you that have been following along, I was in California this past week for my friend’s wedding. I literally flew in from London to LA for one quick week. I’m very much feeling the jet lag now that I’m back in London, but I’m also missing the California sun now that I’m
back in good old grey-rainy London. I have moved around to 4 different cities and 3 different countries in the past 5 years. I’m such a nomad, but one thing never changes, California is always home to me and I’ve got nothing but love for my home. Being born, raised and have done university in California I feel a constant connection to California. Everyone always asks me why I decided to leave and the answer is simple, there is more to the world than California. Although I love my life abroad from time to time I do miss the familiarities of home.
On this trip home I flew into LA but immediately drove up to the San Jose area for my friend’s wedding. I spent most of this trip discovering Northern California and on my drive back down to LA I decided to take the scenic route and drive down Pacific Coast Highway or Highway 1. This is the highway that runs along the infamous California coastline. It is such an amazing and beautiful drive and I highly recommend it to everyone. In all my life in California I never once took a moment to take the longer and more enjoyable driving route down to LA. It is a long drive and quite twisty and turny, but it was fun nonetheless. I got to stop and take some amazing photos of the coastline and I also got to see elephant seals. It was truly a breathtaking view and I was so lucky to have had the time to see it all. Below are some pictures from my trip.
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