You are probably looking for Crosstown doughnuts calories, but I’m a big believer in eating whatever you like at the weekends. I really like the idea that calories don’t count on the weekends. I usually eat fairly healthy during the week but I recently had the opportunity to try out Crosstown doughnuts. Now if you like food innovation and fried dough then you’ll love Crosstown Doughnuts. Calories in these doughnuts do not count, but you have to try out Crosstown Doughnuts and I will tell you why below…
Crosstown Doughnuts are hand-made every day in their bakeries across London. I picked up my doughnut at their Soho location and it was worth every bite. These doughnuts are made with sourdough bread and not only do they make their dough fresh daily they also make all their fillings and toppings by hand. What I really love about their doughnuts is the unique spin on flavours and fillings that they have. Some of their flavours include beetroot lemon-thyme, mango & apple, watermelon & lime, and many more. I decided to go with their seasonal doughnut dulce de leche. Again worth every bite. I loved every bit and I would totally go back again and again but just a fair warning these doughnuts are not cheap and start at £3 a pop or a dozen starts at £25. The price keeps me from picking up a doughnut everyday, but like I said worth every bite.
Here is the address of the location I visited:
4 Broadwick St, London W1F 0DA
020 7734 8873
Make sure to check out their other locations here.
I hope this post inspired you to go out and try out Crosstown Doughnuts and remember that calories don’t count at the weekends! If you enjoyed this post, I would love if you saved/heart it on Bloglovin’! If you want to get instant updates on my life make sure to follow me on Snapchat (@anikazzz) or check out my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
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