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I hope you guys are having a great weekend so far. I have recently purchased my first Anya Hindmarch product and I am already in love with it. First of all, let me say how difficult it was to get my hands on this product. I first went to a few Anya Hindmarch stores in London and they were all sold out of the black, nylon version of this “girly stuff” makeup bag. I even went to a few department stores like Harrods, and still got told that they were sold out and my best bet was to go online and shop there. Lucky for me, my girl friend that introduced me to this brand had the exact make/model of the bag that I wanted. Normally I would not make my first purchase from a new brand online, but because I had already seen what I was going to order I felt comfortable with ordering online. Let me just say that Anya Hindmarch did not sacrifice quality or customer service even though I ordered online. In my experience some brands tend to not give you the same level of quality or customer experience when shopping online, but as I already mentioned Anya Hindmarch went above and beyond when it comes to delivery of an online purchase. My product came boxed and bagged as if I purchased it from a store. I really appreciated the extra touch of presenting me with the product as if I got a bad straight from the store.

Aside from the amazing customer service I am really impressed by the quality of this make up bag. I also really love that it is labeled “girly stuff”, I think it adds that extra little touch that makes the bag that much cuter. Normally I am not someone that tends to touch up my makeup throughout the day. I usually just throw my lipstick of the day into my handbag, but since moving to London, I tend to go out straight after work and I don’t get a chance to stop at home before to freshen-up. I have really enjoyed having a few staple products in my “girl stuff” makeup bag so that if I am going out straight afterwork I can quickly freshen up. This bag isn’t a full sized makeup bag and that was one of the main reasons I purchased it. The size of this bag is meant to hold a few lip products, a compact, mascara and eyeliner. I am sure you can put more into it, but like I said I just put a few staple items into it for a quick pick me up. Since having this makeup bag I not only feel more organized, but I always feel prepared to go out at short notice because I have everything with me to go from everyday to glam in a few minutes. I know the £95 price tag can be a bit off putting, but I see this purchase as an investment piece and since I use this every single day it is really good value for money. Overall, I would give this product and brand two thumbs up. Check out www.anayhindmarch.com to see her full range of products. I hope you enjoyed this post.
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