If I had it my way, women should receive flowers all day, every day. Sadly that isn’t the reality that I live in, but thanks for FlowerBx I can get freshly cut flowers delivered straight to my door. Nothing brightens up your home like a beautiful bunch of freshly cut flowers. FlowerBx is an online store that I discovered at the Taste of London festival this past summer. These flowers are sourced from Holland and delivered directly to your door in London.
These beautiful bouquets are simple and elegant, they are not over powering or stuffy. They are just single-variety of bunches of in-season blooms, from classic roses to bold delphiniums. You can choose between a one off order or subscribe to a paid subscription in order to keep fresh flowers in your home all year round.
Flowerbx - The best flower delivery service in London
The founder of Flowerbx was previously at Tom Ford for 20 years, which means the bouquets she now sells are sleek looking, specializing in single-variety bunches. This gives your bouquet an elegantly simple and refreshingly clean aesthetic.
FlowerBx is a great way to spoil yourself silly with regular subscription bouquets or sending flowers to a friend or a loved one is really a joyous procedure. Overpriced bouquets, with unwanted filler flowers, and difficult ordering systems can take all the joy out of purchasing flowers for yourself or your loved one. FlowerBx makes everything more elegant and simple. Make sure you check out their website and let me know your thoughts in the comments below!
Check out FlowerBx: https://www.flowerbx.com/
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