I’m back with another Indian wedding blog post. I am at the age where for the next 10 years of my life there will be one wedding after another. Since I have gone to a few this year I thought it would be fun to share the significance of different pre-wedding events that take place at a South Asian wedding. One of the typical festivities that happens a few days before an Indian wedding is the Haldi Ceremony or otherwise known as the Gaye Holud. Tumeric or what is known as Haldi in Hindi has a huge significance in the Indian culture. The yellow spice is said to ward off evil and purify the body. This amazing ingredient that serves so many uses has an entire ceremony dedicated to it and here are some things you should know and wear if you are attending one…
Haldi Ceremony - Gaye Holud Outfit

Haldi Ceremony Rituals and Significance

The haldi ceremony is typically the day before the wedding ceremony and it is a day where all the bride’s and grooms family and friends apply a paste on the bride and grooms body before the wedding day. This ceremony can take place at either the bride or groom’s home. It is also held the day before the wedding and after the mehndi ritual. The reason why the paste is applied is to keep away the evil eye and also back in the day before we had makeup and highlighters, Indians had their own natural beauty secrets to make their skin glow. Haldi is said to bring out the natural glow in the skin and after this paste is washed off it will leave the bride and groom’s skin glowing for their big day! It is also common for the bride and the groom to apply a small portion of this sacred paste to their loved ones and bridal party, especially their unmarried friends and siblings. It is rumored that whoever gets touched by this paste will soon find a good looking partner.
Haldi Ceremony - Gaye Holud Outfit

What to wear to a Haldi Ceremony

No one can say sarees are too mainstream unless they are worn in the same way as the 90s. I personally wore a sari for this event, but you can wear anything really. Usually, haldi ceremonies are during the day so think bright colors. Haldi does mean yellow so you will likely see most of the bridal party and guests in some shade of yellow or orange. Looking at the ongoing trends, sarees need not be fully covered with embroidery. Rather, plain sarees with printed, embroidered blouses are in vogue these days. Statement earrings go perfectly well with plain sarees that have intricate borders or embellished blouses. Bridesmaids can join the group by wearing the same color saree, with different kinds of jewelry, like a kamarband, head chain, statement necklace or a lot of bangles. Whatever you decide to wear as a group full of color the event and pictures will look great!
Haldi Ceremony - Gaye Holud Outfit

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