A healthy lifestyle, not a diet

A healthy lifestyle, not a diet
Today I wanted to share my new healthy lifestyle that is not a diet. I have always tried to make healthier choices when it comes to the foods I eat. Being born and raised in Southern California a healthy lifestyle is very easy to follow because almost every restaurant or cafe always has healthier options. It’s always easy to eat relatively healthy when eating at home, but sometimes I just like eating out. Since being abroad eating out hasn’t always been healthy and there are not as many wholesome food choices in Germany and England as there are in California. I have genuinely have been missing the option of popping into a juice bar to grab a smoothie before work or after a workout. Don’t get me wrong, London does have some awesome options for healthy eating and Juice Baby is definitely one of them. I wish that London would have a few more juice bars and healthy cafes, but so far in my exploration of the London food scene Juice Baby is one of my favorites. Their philosophy is all about eating vibrant, plant-based foods that are made from scratch everyday. It’s all about eating better to achieve your body goals and not about eating less.
Juice Baby offers a number of different food and juice options. I went in on a Saturday morning after my workout and I picked up a Acai Berry Bowl and a Vanilla Almond Milk. Both of which were made to perfection. I loved that the Acai Berry Bowl had homemade granola, some places do not make their own granola and I loved that Juice Baby does. Also they offer a wide variety of fresh juices and smoothies, but if you just want to pick something up and run out the door they also offer pre-made juices and snacks that are available in their fridge. I highly recommend checking out your local Juice Baby if you live in London. I love that mine is just a 15min walk from my flat. I am hoping that by making better choices, over time, my unhealthy cravings will naturally start to disappear.
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