IceBar London Experience

IceBar London Experience

When traveling to London there can be a ton of tourist traps. It is easy to get caught up in them. About 9 years ago I thought the IceBar London was a tourist trap, but I was so wrong. I had the pleasure of revisiting the IceBar London this week and it made me realize how fun of a place it is to visit while in London.

Had so much fun visiting the one and only IceBar London this week.
Note to self, don’t wear sandals in a bar that is -5 degrees! It was a warm July day so I wore sandals not thinking that my feet would freeze off! I couldn’t stay in the IceBar for that long because I was so cold. They do give you gloves and a jacket for you to wear, but just be sure you wear full coverage shoes!

My first Cocktail
My second cocktail in a fun angry man cup

The drinks were awesome and the “valhalla calling” ice sculptures were so cool! They even had a sculpture of Thor! I had so much fun sitting on the ice thrown and thinking that I was the queen of the north! I felt like I was drinking and ice cocktails while in the middle of the ice age.

The ice sculptures inside the icebar

After freezing my toes off and taking tons of pictures on my ice thrown I decided to warm myself up at the fire lounge. Which had a fire lit bar as well.

Fire lounge

Overall the experience was super fun and it only costs around £16 to enter the ice bar and you get your first drink for free! And if you are not that into the cold then you can always just have a drink at the fire lounge where cocktails start at £9.50!

icebar london

*I was gifted this experience for free in order to share my review with my blog followers.


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