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For those of you that follow me on my snapchat or twitter, you already know that I am spending this week in California because my good friends are getting married! I love, love, love weddings! Mainly because I am hopeless romantic, but I also love wedding (especially Indian weddings) because I love every excuse to get dolled up in Indian outfits. Last night was the first day of this 4 day Indian wedding. Wedding day 1 was held at the bride’s parents house and it was the mehndi night. For those of you that do not know what mehndi is, it is also called henna. It is a temporary tattoo made from a henna plant and most Indian brides get their hands and feet painted in preparation for the big wedding day. It is also very typical for every woman that is at the mehndi night to have a bit of henna painted on to their hands as well. I had a bit of henna added to my hands (see pictures below).
Photo Jun 02, 4 14 15 AM
Photo Jun 02, 4 11 47 AM
Photo Jun 02, 4 16 32 AM
For this event I wore a Shalwar Kameez, which is a top and separate pants. The shalwar are the ballon like pants and the kameez is the shirt/top. When worn together it is called a shalwar kameez. This particular outfit was tailored for me from Bangladesh. My mom had it made from some fabric that she bought in Pakistan. I really love the color and small reflect of gold from the stitch work on the kameez.
Photo Jun 02, 4 17 45 AM
Photo Jun 02, 4 18 21 AM
Bag – Aldo
Shoes – Asos
Outfit – Custom Made
Photo Jun 02, 4 08 28 AM
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