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So for those of you that have seen my latest blog post or Instagram post, you already know that I am currently attending my good friends’ wedding. I love everything about weddings, from the food to the love in the air, weddings are amazing! My favorite part of an Indian wedding is that it is always a multi-day wedding which means multiple outfits. Day 2 of my friend’s Indian wedding was the Sangeet night. A Sangeet is basically a big party thrown the night before the wedding day. Indian wedding are always a few days if not weeks long. Most families take pride in throwing a lavish Sangeet for their daughter/son. It is a night filled with singing, dancing, and of course delicious food. Most Sangeets (including the one I went to last night) is always a lavish event. Everyone comes out in their finest, sparkly outfits. My friends families did not disappoint with the lavish part of this Sangeet. The Sangeet was held at Levi’s Stadium in San Jose and the theme was Bollywood through the decades. Myself along with the bridesmaids were asked to perform a short dance for the bride, groom, and guests. We performed an old-school Bollywood number and it was so much fun dancing again!
For my outfit, I decided to wear a Churidar Kurta. Which is a long top with trousers that bunch up at the ankle. I figured it would be easiest to dance in this type of outfit. This particular outfit is from Frontier Heritage. I am a big fan of theirs and most, if not all, my indian outfits are from Frontier Heritage. I love the quality of their clothes and of course the detailed work. When ever I go into their store in Artesia I get excellent customer service and amazing outfits that are priced accordingly. If you are ever in the Los Angeles or Orange County region and you need to pick up a new Eid, Diwali, or Indian wedding outfit make sure you check them out. I absolutely love the color combination of this outfit and I love all the work on the Kurta (top).
Shoes – Asos
Bag – Aldo
Ring – Aldo
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