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Yes I am back with another Indian outfit post. I hope you are not getting sick of them, but I did attend my friend’s Indian-Gujarati wedding in San Jose at the start of the month and it was a 4 day event. For the Hindu ceremony that took place on Saturday morning, I decided to wear a black sari from Frontier Heritage. I know it’s a bit faux pas to wear black to a day time/summer wedding, but to be honest I have only worn this sari once and I absolutely love wearing black. Black is so sliming and flattering and highlights all the right places while hiding all my trouble zones. Why wouldn’t women want to look skinner at wedding? As much as I loved how I looked that day,  I soon regretted wearing black because it was 90 degrees that morning and sitting in the sun for 2 hours was pretty brutal. The sari got a ton of compliments and I loved how the pictures from this shoot turned out.
Shoes – Zara
Bag – Forever 21
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