I have been to L’eto Caffe in Soho a few times already. Each time I stop by for a cake my mouth drops at the prices, but they are totally worth the outlandish price tag. The branch in Soho is the first branch of the L’eto Caffe’s and it is still going strong serving delicious breakfasts, coffees, and lunches all day. This place is a must try if you are a cake lover. I am not someone that has an extreme sweet tooth, but I always have room for a cake from L’eto. 

L’eto Caffe in Soho London

By far this place serves some of the most beautiful cakes I have ever seen. Their entire selection of cake is nicely displayed in the window which entices people walking by to come in and try them out. The cakes here are visually stunning and equally as delicious. Fair warning, they are not cheap. When I went last time 2 cakes and 2 teas cost £20. They were very, very good, though. I think the price is totally worth it when you go once in a blue moon and you treat yourself. 

The location in Soho always seems to be packed. It is not a large place and seating always seems limited. I would recommend going in groups of 2. I went with my family of 4 and we ended up waiting nearly 30min for a table. If you are not one to wait in a queue, the takeaway is a popular option. 

L’eto Caffe in Soho London

Overall the food quality was exceptional and I really love that they have a unique selection of teas and coffees as well. They have quite a few organic options and I have been told that they are known for their honey cake – which is something I will definitely try next time. I personally had the blueberry and lime cheesecake. It was delicious and I loved every bit, but extremely rich and I couldn’t finish it all on my own. I suggest sharing a dessert because each piece of cake is quite large. 

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L’eto Caffe in Soho London L’eto Caffe in Soho London

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