Wow has The District in Tustin changed. I remember when I was at UCI, there was nothing but RA Sushi and the bowling alley, but now there are dozens of cool and hipster food and drink plan to choose from at Tustin Union Market. Ok, I admit it, I got the matcha milk tea mainly for the photo op but thankfully, not only was it very photogenic it was DELICIOUS!  I love that they use organic, LACTOSE-FREE milk in all their drinks, and it wasn’t too sweet at all.  You can really taste the matcha flavor, and it is balanced nicely with the milk and a subtle sweetness. Keep reading to get my full take on MilkBox Boba at Tustin Union Market…
On my last trip to California, I finally got around to trying Milk Box & I gotta say I am pleasantly surprised. If you’ve been to the Tustin Union Market, you’d know it’s a bunch of trendy, hipster joints & while they provide the perfect aesthetic for an Instagram picture, the quality & taste of their items just doesn’t live up to the hype. However, Milk Box exceeded my expectations!
Iced Green Tea latte with boba


Their menu is simple and clean, emphasizing high-quality ingredients and lactose-free milk!  The jasmine milk is good (I tried a sample), but my favorite has got to be the matcha milk tea; they layer the milk and matcha in the cup, making for a great Instagram picture! Their boba is soft and sweet, and you can tell it’s fresh

Earl Grey Lavender Milk Tea ($4.50): Personally, I’m not a big fan of earl gray, but it had a great depth of flavor. The tea had a delicate malty flavor with notes of lemon & fragrant lavender.

Peach Oolong Milk Tea ($4.50): This was probably my favorite of the ones I tried & would definitely recommend it! I could tell they use freshly steeped teas in how aromatic it was. The tea had a nice roasted, almost coffee flavor with sweet peaches. Sounds weird, but I liked it!

Matcha Milk Tea ($5.00): Their matcha is mixed with black sesame to give it a nutty taste which I quite enjoyed. It also helped cut the matcha that can sometimes be overpowering.


The people here are so nice!  They answered all our questions with patience, greeted us with warm smiles, and brought our drinks out to us all while saying that if we needed any adjustments to our drinks, just let them know and they’ll make it happen.
The staff is friendly, and they do allow you to try their teas before you buy, which many other places do not!  You can ask for their teas without milk, but a lot of the sweetness actually comes from the milk (so ask them to sweeten the tea).  They can also make the drinks hot, and pricing is appropriate.

The Verdict

Overall, at MilkBox I can really taste the quality & freshness in their teas. They are refreshing & not overly sweet. The boba was soft & had a nice chew. Also, the activated charcoal added a nice ombré effect to the drink with detoxing benefits and no added flavor. They even use organic, lactose-free milk for those who are intolerant. I’ll be back!
Iced Green Tea latte with boba
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