My fitness routine has changed a lot over the past year. I sometimes like to lift super heavy or try to run a 5k, or sometimes I just like to walk the dog. But the best part about doing fitness for LIFE is for the concept of FEELING GOOD instead of just focusing on the way I look.
Yes, I do try to make a point to be consistent and continue to push myself mentally and physically regardless of the season or time of year, but showing up can look different on everyone. Your fitness routine can look super different from mine. But the fact that you are showing up and focusing on progression rather than perfection means you are already winning!
When you stop putting so much PRESSURE on yourself to have the perfect, most effective routine, fitness can be FUN again!
Recently I have loved working up a sweat in the gym during my lunch breaks and I have been trying to go 3 times a week. Because I only have 1 hour to workout and I have to freshen up quickly afterward I take my @myabsorbi towel with me to the gym. The face towel is super helpful to wipe up the sweat during the workout and the large body towel is compact and fits nicely into my gym bag and dries super fast so no bad smells in my bag. I highly recommend it! Absorbi Microfibre Sports & Travel Towel available on Amazon UK
My Absorbi Towel
The product is exactly as described. It feels very soft, and you can tell it is made out of good material. It soaks up water very quickly which is very helpful for my quick gym routine. I can get a workout and shower in and dry off in no time at all. It soaks up the water from my body and hair very quickly and the best part is that the towel dries super fast, which means I can throw it right back into my gym bag without worrying about making other things wet or smelly. The packaging of the towel is also very nice and allows for me to keep my towel in a separate bag inside of my gym bag.
I really love this product already and cannot wait to use it a bit more, especially with traveling and possibly even taking it to the pool!
*This post is in collaboration with MyAsorbi, as an influencer I agreed to share my experience of receiving an Absorbi towel with my followers in order to receive the items for free.
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