Potato Project Review

Carbs, Carbs, Carbs. Feed me all the potato project carbs! So I was invited to another foodie/influencer event by @ADWAIZ, and when I heard it was a restaurant that only serves baked potatoes I was very hesitant to understand the concept. But once I made my way down to the heart of Soho it all made sense. I would never normally order a baked potato for the main dish in any restaurant, but I love cooking them at home so I thought this was the best of both worlds. The Potato Project specializes in one particular dish cooked a million different ways, and it all starts with a simple potato.
Potato Project Review Potato Project Review
So as per usual at any of the foodie events that I attend, the camera eats first and of course, we ordered the entire menu. But let me tell you, these potatoes were beautiful. Firstly, they were huge and then they were topped with every type of topping you could imagine. We had 3 different baked sweet potato dishes and 4 normal potato dishes. I might be a bit biased and have like the sweet potato dishes more than the normal potato dishes, but that is completely personal preference. The great thing about the Potato Project is that you can make your own potato however you would like it. You can switch up the toppings or even decide to go with a sweet potato if it’s a favorite of yours like it is mine.
Potato Project Review Potato Project ReviewPotato Project Review

My favorite dish of the night had to go to the sweet potato with mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes, and pesto. Come on, what is not to like here. Cheese and sweet potato??? Give me 10 please! I honestly ate this entire potato to myself, and that is saying a lot since we had tasters of 7 different potatoes throughout the night. I also tried the sweet potato with Malaysian vegetable curry, jacket potato with tuna mayonnaise, roasted corn, and pickled red onion. I also really enjoyed the jacket potato with black beans, lime guacamole, and corn salsa, it had an awesome Mexican kick and we finished with the Jacket potato with autumn wild mushrooms, spinach, blue cheese and truffle oil.

Honestly, every damn potato was amazing, and if you aren’t too much of a couch potato head down to Soho or Boxpark Croydon and get yourself one, but if are being a bit lazy they do take away through Deliveroo.

Potato Project Review

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