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I hope you are all well. I have recently had the privilege of visiting the Sky Garden a few weeks ago. The view from the top of the #walkietalkie building is seriously breathtaking! The best part of my visit was that it was totally free. Most observation decks (especially in London) are quite pricy, but luckily the Sky Garden is completely free to visitors. You’ve just gotta make sure you’ve booked in advance. In my 6 months of living in London I’ve kept saying that I want to go visit but never had the right opportunity come up, but during the Instagram London meetup that happened last month, I was able to explore the Sky Garden with other photo-fanatics like myself. The #WWIM13LONDON was such an awesome experience. Over 700 instagramers came to London to share experiences and explore different parts of London together. My first choice was to attend the Sky Garden meet up to get some great picture of sunny London! Here are some of my shots, I hope you enjoy them and I hope they encourage you to visit the  Sky Garden when you are in town!
Photo Apr 23, 12 29 15 PM
Photo Apr 23, 12 06 44 PM
Photo Apr 23, 11 55 40 AM
Photo Apr 23, 11 55 03 AM
Photo Apr 23, 11 37 32 AM
If you have been to Sky Garden before and have pictures to share, make sure to leave a comment down below so I can check out your snaps! If you have any questions about visiting London, let me know, I am always happy to help! If you want to get instant updates on my life make sure to follow me on Snapchat (@anikazzz) or check out my Instagram and Twitter.
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