As many of you already know I have used meal replacement shakes in the past in order to help with weight loss and weight management. I am not foreign to the concept. So when So Shape, based in Paris, reached out I decided to give their So Shape Challenge a go. They claim it is easy and hassle-free way to lose weight. I think giving it a go in the spring months was a perfect way to kick myself back into gear for the summer body and get back on the health train.

The So Shape Challenge is similar to any meal replacement out there. They suggest replacing one of your meals with a shake. You could have a breakfast shake, then a soup for lunch and another shake for dinner. Whichever one you choose it would be a good and well-balanced meal. It doesn’t matter which meals you replace just go with the schedule that works for you. I love eating dinner so I opt to try to replace my breakfasts and lunches with So Shape. To be honest, I was a bit hesitant to give this challenge a go because each shake was only about 200 calories and I am a fairly active person and I had a feeling that I would just be left hungry after these shakes. I workout about 3 times a week, walk during my lunch breaks at work and like to take the dog out for walks as well. So even though I sit at a computer all day I am still fairly active and it just seemed like too few calories for me. But I still decided to give it a go.
There are 3 different plans that you can opt for –
  • Reboot which is for 5 days
  • Remove which is for 14 days (I decided this was a fair one to do)
  • Reborn is for 28 days
I picked out my favorite flavors online and they send them packaged to be easily poured into my shaker bottle with some water. I really appreciated that each sachet was designed as one meal. Made it really easy for me to grab a shake and just go. Living in London means that I often have very little time to prep meals or even think about eating. These little sachets were easy to throw into my handbag and just have a quick drink of a shake.
I have to admit that I felt a boost of energy when consuming the shakes. I did not care for the savory soups and pasta, they left me wanting something more, but the sweet breakfast shakes really helped curb my sweet tooth and left me feeling better about my meal choice. It is great that these meals are packed with vitamins, iron, and magnesium. Even though the meals are not high in calories they left me feeling full for a few hours.

The shakes also encouraged me to keep drinking water. I’ve written recently about the fact that I now drink more water than I have ever done before. The fruit infuser water bottle that So Shape sent me also helps with my water consumption.

So Shape Challenge Review

After trying a few of the shakes I have to admit that I was a bit puzzled by how low the calorie count was for each shake. If I had 3 shakes a day it would only come up to about 900 calories a day. Which is quite low for being as active as a person as I am. After a few days, I felt that my stomach had shrunk considerably and I lost the sluggish feeling I got after eating traditional meals. I have to admit that it did help me stop reaching for random snacks in the office and I did see a change in my body.

If you want to give the So Shape Challenge a go then use my code ‘CUSTOMANIKA’ and you will be able to choose twice as many flavors for free on all 14 and 28-day challenges! Saving you £9.50!

*This post is in collaboration with So Shape, as one of their Ambassadors I agreed to share my experience of So Shape Challenge with my followers in order to receive the items for free.

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