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Welcome to my blog about my life and passions! I hope you enjoy reading up on everything I do day to day. Just recently I added a new city to my travel list and got to explore the great new country that I live in, England. I live and work in London, but being from California, everything in England seems so small and close together. Hence why I thought going down to Brighton for the afternoon was no big deal because it would only be about a 1.5 hour train from central London down to the southern English coast. To be honest I only heard about Brighton because of vloggers/bloggers Zoella and Alfie, but nonetheless I wanted to visit. Lucky for me it was a sunny and warm day in England and I got to visit such a cute and quaint city. Both my sister (Laila) and I wanted to see the seaside town as well as escape London for the day…here are some snaps of my day in Brighton.
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I got to visit the iconic Brighton Pier, walk the pebbled beach, and enjoy some vitamin D on my skin.
Pebble Beach
I hope you enjoyed touring Brighton with me. If you want to get instant updates on my life make sure to follow me on Snapchat (@anikazzz) or check out my Instagram and Twitter.
Until next time, stay positive! xx

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