If you have been following me for a while, or know me in real life, you know that I will go for sushi every day. I love sushi. I have made it my personal mission to find some of the best sushi places in London. I already reviewed Sushi 54, but this time I thought I would conquer central London and try out Murakami in Soho. Not only did Murakami have great sushi, they have delicious craft cocktails as well. 

Let’s first talk about the sushi and then I will get to the mouth-watering cocktails. I went a little crazy on date night and ordered so much sushi. I loved how everything sounded on the menu that I just had to have it all. Whenever I visit a new sushi restaurant for the first time I almost always go for their signature or specialty rolls. When I saw Murakami’s signature rolls I instantly knew what I was ordering. We ordered the volcano roll, spicy mango roll, Philadelphia roll, and the Murakami roll. Each one was delicious and the service was impeccable. I really appreciated our servers attention to detail and I also appreciated that she let me take a million pictures of my sushi before actually eating it. My favorite roll was the spicy mango roll, it was quite unique and I loved the spicy kick in every bite.

This place is a great location for date night or a small group for dinner, I wouldn’t recommend it for larger parties because the setting is quite intimate. I went on a Saturday night and they were quite busy. I wouldn’t expect anything less of a London restaurant on a Saturday night. I would recommend booking a table ahead of time so that you can be seated promptly and served pretty quickly. Overall I would recommend this restaurant to all my sushi lovers in London, but I have to say it was a bit overpriced for the quality. I think you can get better priced and better tasting sushi elsewhere, but it is worth a try. If you are not into I would recommend this place for its fun craft cocktails! They have an awesome summer and winter cocktail menu. I asked my waiter to pair my cocktail with my sushi choice and she did a great job at recommending which cocktails would taste best with my sushi rolls. 

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Sushi at Murakami

Sushi at Murakami

Sushi at Murakami Sushi at Murakami

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