Being originally from California, for the last few years, I have been watching my friends back home post pictures about this new concept called the sushi burrito! I was green with envy when I first saw my friends share these amazing food creations on social media. I knew I had to try this sushi burrito the next chance I got. When I heard Sushirrito opened up a branch in New York City it was definitely on my food to-do list when I visited last month. I flew 3,470miles for a sushi burrito and it was totally worth it! 

At Sushirrito they infuse the cultural flavors of Japan and Mexico to bring you a flavorful sushi burrito every time. Each one of their sushi burritos is infused with premium flavors and the healthiness of sushi. They also used seafood that has been responsibly sourced and uses fresh alternatives in order to preserve threatened populations. From their unique flavors to their innovative menu, they are really changing the way the world eats sushi. 

When I walked in and saw their menu I wanted to order 1 of everything but I limited myself to one sushi burrito, but next time I will totally get two! I went for the Latin Ninja which had raw salmon belly, hearts of romaine, sesame seaweed, crispy plantains, ginger, guac, masago, and their signature sauce. Once I picked my sushi burrito of choice it was then assembled much like they would assemble a burrito at Chipotle. The sushi burrito went down the assembly line and different ingredients were added until it was complete and rolled up into the final product. Next time I am definitely going to get the Somo Crunch. If you are unsure of what to get the first time you try this place, don’t worry, the staff is extremely helpful! 

I really appreciated that almost everything on their entire menu, even down to their drinks was a culture infusion of flavors and ingredients. We live in such a mixed and diverse world that I really appreciated that this fast food restaurant is embracing the multi-cultured world we live in today. I highly recommend everyone go and try out this place and if you have already, leave me a comment down below on what you thought and what your favorite sushi burrito is! 

Check out Sushirrito’s full menu and locations here:

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Review of Sushirrito NYC - A sushi burrito concept Review of Sushirrito NYC - A sushi burrito concept Review of Sushirrito NYC - A sushi burrito concept Review of Sushirrito NYC - A sushi burrito concept

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