Life is all about balance. You have got to be good, and sometimes naughty, but it’s the best when you can be good and bad at the same time. Whether it’s a resolution for a healthy new year or simply a way to drink your greens, combining freshly pressed juice and booze is a no-brainer! I absolutely love my green juice. I drink freshly pressed juice daily and at the very least a few times a week. I never thought you could mix your daily micronutrients with a bit of alcohol to get the healthiest cocktail on the market! Vits+Kicks have come up with this exact concept and offer an array of freshly pressed juices mixed with a bit of alcohol to make the best green juice cocktail I have ever tasted! 

Vits+Kicks - Green Juice Cocktail

Vits+Kicks is a mobile pop-up bar that serve only fresh fruit and vegetable iced alcoholic cocktails. There are no added sugars or sweeteners – just all natural ingredients. The key is to balance a whole lot of clean with a little bit of dirty and you get one mean green juice cocktail! I attended their pop-up brunch last weekend and I tried the Mean & Green cocktail with pineapple vodka, spinach, cucumber, pineapple, and apple. It was seriously delicious! 

Vits+Kicks - Green Juice Cocktail

Ever feel a little guilty about all the sugar in your cocktails? Well with Vits+Kicks you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Life is all about balance and you have gotta have all the vits, but the kicks are also nice. I haven’t seen anything like Vits+Kicks in the UK cocktail market so I am sure they will be busy hosting tons of events in the coming months. They are perfect for private parties, pop-up events, and festivals! If you wanna learn more, check out their website:

What is your favorite juice cocktail? Leave a comment down below of what you would like to try! 

Vits+Kicks - Green Juice Cocktail

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