Hello and Happy Hump Day!
I hope everyone’s week has been going well so far, and if it hasn’t been the best week yet, remember you’re half way to the weekend!
As the weather gets warmer and as we slowly start moving from spring into summer, I wanted to post a bit of workout motivation for you guys. At the start of this year, just like everyone else, I promised to get fitter and lose some extra weight I picked up over the holiday season. Well I’ve stayed relatively consistent and I’m pretty proud of myself. For the first 8 weeks of the year I got a personal trainer and she kicked my bum every Tuesday during my lunch hour. It was really nice having a personal trainer to really force me to work harder and run circuits with me. I think having Sam (Overload Fitness) forced me to do more squats and run around the park during my lunch hour helped kickstart my fitness addiction. I am not the fittest person in the world and I am still trying to get to my “goal” body, but I have really started to get “addicted” to working out.
TRX Workout
After completing my 8 weeks with a personal trainer I started to feel stronger and more confident in my workouts so I decided to join a new gym near my apartment complex (Alex Fitness). It is a super modern gym and it only costs £45/month. I thought this was a pretty good deal since most gyms in London start at £80-£100/month. Since signing up at the beginning of April I have been consistently going every other day. Everyone’s workout routine and schedule is different, but as much as I want to workout everyday I take a break and give my body a full day to recover before I workout the following day. My workout routine is mostly weight training and different machines and free weights around my gym. I alternate days by focusing on lower versus upper body workouts. I have also now started to workout in the mornings before heading off to work. Normally, I am not a morning person, but I just feel like getting up and getting my workout done for the day first thing is actually the best for my schedule. I love morning workouts because no one is really at the gym at 6:30am and I basically have the place to myself. I also love that no one is texting/calling me and disturbing my workout. I really take my hour at the gym every other day to focus on me, my body, and becoming a stronger more fit person. I really love getting my workout done in the morning so that I can have my evenings free to do whatever else I want and there is no impending feeling of doom that I have to workout. I hope that in a few months time I can start to see a difference in my body and I can post another update then, but for now I am already impressed by the fact that I have stuck out this workout regime and I feel so positive and energised after every single workout!
Post gym selfie
I hope this post inspired you to go out and get active. Every little step and activity counts! If your new year’s resolution was to workout more, it’s never to late to start!
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Until next time, stay positive! xx
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