Today is the last day of February! That means we are already 1/6 of the way through 2019! Where has time gone?

First of all apologies for not posting more frequently on my blog. I have to admit that over the last few weeks I have been more and more focused on my Instagram rather than taking the time to post on my blog. I find it difficult to write out the words and create enough compelling content.

So for my first post of the year I thought it would be nice to speak about my fitness goals in 2019. I know we are already at the end of February, but it is the perfect time to check in and see how true you have stayed to your fitness goals and promises you made to yourself at the start of the year. One of my main goals this year was to not only join a new gym, but also be more active. I wanted to get into a fitness routine and make fitness a priority in my life again.

Are you still keeping up with your fitness goals and new years resolutions? I know it is easy to forget your goals at this time of the year because you aren’t seeing results or you just don’t have the motivation to keep going, but I am here to say KEEP GOING! I have continued to go to the gym, fitness classes, and keeping active for 2 whole months now and it feels great so far!

In the month of February in order to keep up with my fitness goals I have tried a few new classes and types of fitness. I was recently invited to The Freemasons Arms for a Self Love Yoga & Dine Event! Where I was taught not only the physical benefits but also the mental benefits of yoga from Sarah Bloom. The yoga class helped me balance my mind, body and spirit through some beautiful poses and free movement which was designed to set me up for a healthy and energized year!

I felt amazing after my class and enjoyed a lovely dinner afterwards as well. All in all I am feeling like with March and warmer weather on the horizon I might try a few new classes in the coming months. Stay tuned to hear more on my fitness journey next month!

*This post is in collaboration with McCann London and The Freemasons Arms, as an influencer I agreed to share my experience of my yoga class with my followers in order to receive the class/event for free.

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