3 reasons why you should visit the Gold Coast in Australia

3 reasons why you should visit the Gold Coast in Australia

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to travel to the Gold Coast in Australia. I have been to Melbourne and Sydney a few times before but never really to the sea side. When given the opportunity to visit I wasn’t sure what to expect. I thought it would be like any other beach but little did I know that it is one of the most famous and top places to go in Australia.

The Gold Coast is a fabulous collection of Australia’s best beaches. They have crystal blue waters, incredible surf, and breathtaking high- rise backdrops along the beach. On my trip, I got to see and experience some of the amazing things the gold coast has to offer so I thought I would share what I think you should do when you visit. Some of the items on my list I did not get to try because I was only there for 3 days and we had some bad weather.

  1. Layout on a beach all day: They Aussie lifestyle is so relaxed and when you visit the gold coast you are spoiled for choice as to which beach you want to relax on. I was lucky enough to stay at an oceanfront house which gave me a killer view of the Surfer’s Paradise beach. I enjoyed every minute of soaking in the sun.
  2. Learn to surf: This is something I didn’t get to try personally but I saw plenty of surf schools along the beach that were holding surf lessons every hour of the day. The beaches on the Gold Coast as stunning and they are well known for all water sports including swimming, surfing, windsurfing, etc. If you get a chance you should really go out into the water and give one of these activities a go.
  3. Enjoy the food: I cannot go on holiday without trying the local cuisine. With a variety of cuisines prepared and cooked to perfection, you will be spoiling yourself with seaside dining. There are a number of cafes and restaurants along the beach or of course, there are fancier high-end restaurants as well. Some local favorites are Muso’s for their ramen or Double Zero’s for their pizzas!

Are you ready to go to the Gold Coast? This tourist location is a must-visit to experience the quintessential Aussie lifestyle. Have you been to the Gold Coast already? Share in the comments below your favorite part!


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