Beer and Buns, they do exactly what their name says and damn do they do it well. I know this bun sensation has been taking over London this past year, but Beer and Buns have been around for a while now and I was lucky enough to have a taste of their menu. Their menu is extremely well thought out and the drinks just keep on coming. When you visit, be prepared to stuff your face with a variety of bao buns, chicken wings, and plenty of other Japanese inspired sides. Oh and let’s not forget the huge range of beers and cocktails! Beer and Buns have something for everyone! It is such a fun space located in the heart of Shoreditch and just minutes away from Liverpool Street Station.
 Beer & Buns Beer & Buns
From the second you walk in you can already tell it will be a good night. Aside from the array of bao buns and the delicious range of cocktails, there are pinball machines, table football, and a ping-pong table laid out in the back. This is the perfect hangout after a long day at the office. If you bring your colleagues with you will soon be an office favorite because other than delicious food, there is, of course, an amazing happy hour menu as well.
 Beer & Buns Beer & Buns
When I visited I had a little bit of everything on the menu, I love that they have such a well thought out a menu that highlighted aspects of Japanese cuisine. Stuffed my face with all sorts of bao buns, ranging from aubergine, halloumi, and fried chicken buns. Every bite was amazing and the buns were soft and fluffy, and let’s be real, who doesn’t love a good bun. Aside from buns, there are also a number of delicious fried chicken options, all come with different range sauce that is mild or spicy or sweet. In my opinion, my favorite part of the meal was the fried chicken bar buns and the delicious Korean fries covered in cheese and hot sauce.
 Beer & Buns Beer & Buns
After all this food you have to save room for 2 more things, a drinking game, and dessert, but first the drinking game. After stuffing my face and tummy I was told that I have to partake in a drinking game called Sake bombs. This was not my first time trying this game, but we did it with a bit of a twist. Instead of beer, we used prosecco and instead of traditional sake we used mulled sake. I am not a huge fan of beer, so I welcomed this alternative and wow did it feel like Christmas in my mouth. Now on to dessert, you might be stuffed and pretty tipsy, but you have to save from for the toffee chocolate brownies with miso butterscotch sauce and vanilla ice cream and one of the cinnamon coated fried bar buns. Trust me, they are worth the calories.
 Beer & Buns
Have you ever had a sake bomb? Have you been to Beer and Buns?
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