What is a NoriTaco?

Sugoi JPN is an asian fusion food concept of Japanese and Latin food. It is the perfect balance of flavors that you would expect from a sushi filled taco. The taco is made from Nori (seaweed) and the delicious stuffing of the taco is filled to the brim with fresh Japanese and Latin ingredients. Sugoi JPN is revolutionizing the Latin-Japanese asian fusion food market with its twist on NoriTacos! Their NoriTacos is a perfect hybrid between a Japanese Nori and a Mexican Taco. Much like sushi, the NoriTaco always starts with a sushi rice base followed by the toppings which range from soft shell crab, to fried chicken and salmon. Check out the three different types of NoriTacos I tried below.

Nori + Taco = NoriTaco: A crispy seaweed tempura shell with sushi rice and Japanese Latin fusion fillings

Table spread of Sugoi dishes, Chicken karaage, Takayoki balls, Yuca Fries and assorted Noritacos

Who is Sugoi JPN?

They are an asian fusion takeaway and delivery kitchen based in London. They have a number of locations popping up around the London area. With their first kitchen based in Bethnal Green, they have now expanded to South Wimbledon and will soon open a kitchen in Palmers Green, North London. They’re working hard to open new locations every few weeks, and are expanding, so you might have one in your neighborhood soon! Sugoi JPN’s mission is to fuse together the best of Latin and Japanese cultures and flavors to make one of London’s best new street food concepts.

SugoiJPN Wimbledon menu held up in front of the restaurant entrance

My visit to the South Wimbledon Location:

Having eaten at Sugoi JPN multiple times before at their Bethnal Green location. I picked Sugoi JPN as my first ‘eat out’ location in London since before lockdown. Sugoi JPN Wimbledon is takeaway only at the moment I got my dishes and sat right outside their shop-front at their new location in Merton Abby Mills. It’s a great outdoor location to grab a few drinks and a bite to eat. I was so happy to have NoriTacos again, by far my favourite street food in all of London.

AllAboutAnika sat behind a table of SugoiJPN dishes.

Asian Fusion NoriTacos – Diablo:

Close up of SugoiJPN's asian fusion Diablo NoriTaco. Fried chicken Karaage with a touch of ginger, slice of lemon, mixed salad topped with eel sauce, sesame seeds, aonori, red chillies and chilli sauce.

This cool Japanese fried chicken karaage with a touch of ginger, comes with lemon, our special mixed salad, eel sauce. Topped with sesame seeds, aonori, red chilli and chilli sauce. A

Asian Fusion NoriTacos – Rumba:

Close up of SugoiJPN's asian fusion Rumba NoriTaco A seaweed tempura shell filled with crab stick, salmon, masago. Topped with sesame seeds, aonori, chive, coriander and bubu arare.

Looking for a “POP” party in your mouth? Try out Kanikama (crab stick) mixed with Masago (capelin roe) and mayo, salmon. Topped with sesame seeds, aonori, chive, coriander, and Bubu Arare (Japanese popped rice).

Asian Fusion NoriTacos – Tropical:

Close up of SugoiJPN's asian fusion Tropical NoriTaco. A seaweed tempura shell filled with tuna, salmon, avacado and masago. Topped with sesame seeds, aonori, chive, coriander.

Love the tropical weather? you should try this one then with mango, tuna, salmon, masago (capelin row) avocado, sesame seeds, aonori, chive, and coriander

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