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I recently made a quick stop over at my local boots and I also made a few cheeky purchases on hm.com. My boots purchases were pretty standard, but what I really wanted to test out was online shopping from a high street store. I almost always go into shops to try on and get the feel of the clothes/shoes that I’m shopping for. The main reason I wanted give online shopping a go was because of a friend of mine highly recommended that I try it out. For anyone that has gone shopping in central London, you know how crazy it can get and how long the fitting room queue can get. My friend told me that with online shopping was the way to go because you just click a few items into your digital shopping cart, choose your method of delivery, and wait for your goodies to arrive. She also mentioned how much she loved trying on clothes in the convince of her home and without the pressure of making a decision in a badly lit changing room. I decided to give this a go and I was pleasantly surprised by how easy the whole process was. I ordered a few different items form HM.com and everything came to my door, nicely packaged, within 3 business days. A few of my items were too small so I needed to return them, which was easy enough. There was a returns form and return postage within my parcel and I stuck the return stamp back on to the box, placed my items back into the box, and took it to my local post office. In a few days time I got an email from H&M telling me that my items were received and they refunded my card the appropriate amount due. It was all pretty seamless and drama-free. All in all I did enjoy the online shopping experience and I am sure I will do it again some time soon, but I still really love going into a shop and feeling the clothing and having a look at it in real life before making my purchase.
As I already mentioned, I picked up a few staples as well as newbies from Boots. I am super excited to try out the new Barry M coconut infusion nail polishes as well as my new Rimmel products. Both brands are new to me, we don’t have Rimmel London or Barry M in the US so it was excited for me to walk into Boots and be able to see and try out something new!
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Photo Apr 17, 9 27 21 PM
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