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When thinking about Notting Hill people usually think about two things. The first thing that comes to mind is the blockbuster film Notting Hill starring Julia Roberts and the second thing is Portobello Road market. There is so much more to Notting Hill than just these two points, but it is definitely the reason why most tourists come to visit. I am lucky enough to be living in West London and going to Portobello Road Market on a Saturday is not too tough for me.
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Notting hill is crazy busy on a saturday but it is the best day to visit the market because all of the stall and vendors are out selling random trinkets and antiques as well as second hand clothing. I have always ventured into Notting Hill on a Saturday because I love seeing all the vendors out and the hustle of weekend shoppers. I highly recommend checking out the west side of London whether you are a Londoner or just visiting; the colorful houses, iconic English pubs, and outdoor markets are worth the trip. Not only are there some great vintage clothing shops within the markets there are always fresh fruit and vegetable stands, antiques and secondhand goods that are all priced well enough, but you definitely have room to bargain as well!
Notting hill
Notting Hill

Not only is Notting Hill Famous for the colorful markets and Portobello Market, but it is also know to the amazing Notting Hill Carnival that takes place every August! I hope to attend this event and snap some photos/ videos for you guys!

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