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Today I am taking a break from the fashion side of my life and posting about my experience of eating at SushiSamba. This past weekend I had a celebratory lunch with my lovely blog photographer, Lara. The reason I wanted to eat at SushiSamba was to have lunch with a view of London. We have been dying to go to SushiSamba for a few months now, but we found it impossible to get a reservation there. We tried calling in, but we were told to book online, which we tried, but were also unsuccessful online as well. After months of trying to get a table we decide the best thing to do was to show up and try and get a table without a reservation and luckily enough we were able to get seated quite quickly at about 1pm on a Sunday. We were also extremely lucky with the weather in London as well. It was a lovely sunny and relatively warm Sunday. We were quickly seated on the outdoor terrace overlooking the whole of London city. I think one of the main reasons people go to SushiSamba is for the ambiance as well as the killer view of London. From the terrace, we had an amazing view of most of London. We were able to enjoy our lunch with a view of the city of London on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Sushi, sunshine, and a view of London, life couldn’t get any better.
The Food
Aside from the amazing views the food was well prepared and their entire menu was quite unique. SushiSamba is known for it’s unique blend of Japanese, Brazilian, and Peruvian cuisines. For starters we shared edamame and wagyu gyoza. The edamame was salted with black sea salt and garnished with a lime. It was quite nice having a touch of lime as it is not how edamame is normally served. The wagyu gyoza was prepared beautiful and was presented immaculately, but was a bit too salty for my liking. For my 2 main sushi rolls I decided to go for the Samba London and the El Topo rolls. The Samba London was a nice mix of a few different types of seafood, including crab, tuna, salmon, white fish and prawns. While the El Topo roll was quite the opposite. The reason I got the El Topo roll was because I have never seen anything like that on any sushi menu before. The El Topo roll included salmon, jalepeno, shiso leaf, crispy onion and mozzarella cheese. Yup, you read that correctly, sushi with cheese! It was really unique and I love trying new things, but I wouldn’t order it again because even thought I love cheese, I prefer my fish without cheese.
Overall Thoughts
Overall the experience of eating at SushiSamba was awesome and the service was tip top. Their prices are a bit steep for what you order, but I believe the reason most people pay those prices is because of the view you get while eating your sushi on the 54th floor of a London skyscraper. I would totally recommend everyone to try it out once while in London because even if you don’t like sushi, the view is what is truly breathtaking.
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