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Today I want to share with you my all time favorite MAC products. I still remember my first major makeup purchase from MAC cosmetics was 10 years ago, when I was getting my makeup done for senior prom. Nothing has been the same since that day. Since then I have made numerous purchases from MAC, but the  three products that I always tend to re-purchase and always come back to are: spiked eyebrow pencil, studio fix foundation, and studio fix pressed powder. I would have to say that these three products are my holy grail MAC products. I know MAC has a bad name for their foundations causing people to break out etc, but I have to say there is no other full coverage foundation that makes my skin look flawless the way MAC’s studio fix does. Like the description says it is a full coverage foundation and I use it for when I need that super flawless look for photography, a night out, or long wear makeup. I absolutely love the way my skin looks when I wear this foundation and powder duo together. I feel like it is the closest to airbrush foundation I am going to get without using actually airbrush. Now this isn’t my everyday foundation because it is heavier in coverage and I get oily patches when I wear it all day, but for a night out or pictures I absolutely love it!
Let’s not forget to mention my third and final favorite MAC product which is the spiked eyebrow pencil. I think I have purchased dozens of this product because I have yet to find anything that comes close to this brow pencil. I absolutely love the precision and control you get with this brow pencil. If you have been following me on my YouTube channel you know that this product has made it into my monthly favorites as well as empties videos because I love it dearly. I use this pencil every single day to shape and define my brows. I even made a youtube video on how to thread and fill in your eyebrows and the start product was the spiked eyebrow pencil. I know that MAC cosmetics might not be perfect for everyone but these three products are really worth a try. If you do end up trying them out or use similar products let me know in the comments below!
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