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Today I am here to talk about my first time at the Shard in London. For those of you that do not know The View from The Shard is a Tourist Attraction based in London’s tallest building. The view from the top is really spectacular and there are two view platforms within the building. When up at the top you get to see all of London. It’s the only place in London to really see all of the history in city in one place. I highly recommend everyone goes up to the top to appreciate the views at least once. The problem with this tourist attraction is that it is not the cheapest to visit. If you would like to visit one of the two observation decks you have the pay 35 pounds just for entry. I think that is just a tad bit overpriced. Since I am still a newbie to London I spoke to some of my friends and colleagues about wanting to go to The Shard and everyone recommended that I go to one of the many restaurants or bars in the Shard. Some of the fancier bars and restaurants at the top of the shard have just as pretty of a view from them as the observation decks do. Also I was told that instead of paying 35 pounds just to go to the top and have a look I could use my 35 pounds toward food and drinks #winning!
So I decided that I would go to The Shard and pay 35 pounds towards drinks instead of going to the touristy observation decks. I couldn’t get any of my London based friends to go with me because no one wants to pay for over priced cocktails in an already overpriced city so I was lucky that when my friends from California came to visit they were keen on going up to have a drink. We decided to go to GONG which is a luxurious, Asian-themed cocktail bar with an infinity pool. It is located on the top floor of the Shangri-La Hotel. The ambiance, staff and view were all top notch. Upon entrance the hostess informed us that in order for us to sit and have a drink each person had to have a minimum tab of 30 pounds. Each cocktail on the menu cost about 18-20 pounds so it was very clear from the moment we sat down that we would each need to get two drinks to hit our tab. Once the drinks arrived I was no longer complaining about the steep prices. The view was amazing and the cocktails were so fancy and well presented that I can understand the high price tag.
Overall I do highly recommend visiting The Shard and seeing the spectacular views of London, but I think it is better to have a drink and observe the view than just pay to view. It’s just my opinion but I would rather spend my money in that way.
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