Happy international woman’s day to all the #GirlBoss out there! In honor of this day I want to share my tips, I have learned from being a boss. No, I am not bossy, but I am the boss. I have only started my career path, but I have learned quite a bit along the way and I want to share it with you all. Getting started in your career isn’t easy. There is now more competition than ever before and a downward economy isn’t helping the situation. But don’t let that stop you girl, you have got big dreams, and you shouldn’t let a couple of hurdles get you down. If you are looking for some inspiration then you have come to the right place. Check out my top 10 tips on how to become a #GirlBoss.


Here are my Killer tips to becoming the ultimate #GirlBoss

  1. Work your butt off.

There is nothing, I repeat, nothing that can trump hard work. Thanks to social media most people only see the end result and think that success comes naturally or easy. Let me tell you, it doesn’t. Success comes to those who work for it. I know it gets tough being a #GirlBoss, but you have to always work your hardest in everything in life.

2. Dress like a successful lady.

Sorry to break it to you, but looks do matter. We live in a superficial world and first impressions go a long way. As your business status changes, so will your appearance. You will have to adjust your wardrobe and appearance as you progress along in your career. Make sure you continue to present yourself as the successful #GirlBoss you really are. 

3. Show your best self to the world.

I always believe that being good to others will only come back to me in the best way possible. What goes around comes around, ALWAYS! You are not the only person who has dreams, goes through difficult times, who experiences more disappointments rather than success – remember this when you are working with others. I went through it all, I dealt with them and overcame them to achieve my goals. Show my best self and supporting those around me made me a better person. 


4. Find your expertise.

Experience isn’t as required as your willing to work. Work on what you love, be patient, persistent and willing to learn from every experience. I studied to become a Political Scientist or Lawyer, but instead, I work at a tech startup. It doesn’t matter what you studied, what matter is investing your time in something you really love.

5. Set achievable goals

While you might have a few lifetime career goals, like becoming a CEO or earning a Masters degree, it is important to set short-term goals as well. You should always dream big in order to achieve big things, but also make sure to appreciate yourself when you achieve your daily, weekly, and monthly goals. 

6. Stick to the plan.

Let’s be honest, we all come up with hundreds of ideas during the course of our lives. I know I have come up with 10 different ideas while just writing this blog post, but it is extremely important to follow through on your golden idea and stick to the plan. Make a solid plan of your time and upcoming projects and try sticking to it. It’s only natural that when working on one idea a million more pop into your head, but stay focused on your original plan and goal and don’t let any distractions get in the way.


7. Confidence is key.

This can apply to every aspect of your life, but it is extremely important when you are a #GirlBoss. If you are constantly doubting your work, others will begin to doubt it too! Success is not about where you are from or what your parents did, it is about the confidence that you have and bring to the boardroom table. 

8. Haters are gonna hate – forever.

It has been scientifically proven that a number of people that will support you will be lesser than the people who will try to bring you down. As you become a #GirlBoss more and more people will bring you down by pointing out all the difficulties, sacrifices and risks you will have to face to become successful. Be prepared for insane amounts of negativity. Don’t let it get you down – use it as your fuel to get stronger and wiser.


9. Keep yourself busy.

The thing only happen when you make them happen. If you keep putting off that book idea or video project it will never actually get done. It won’t ever become more than a great idea in your head. It is so easy to become distracted and procrastinate instead of getting around to your todo list. The best cure for procrastination is to have so much to do that procrastination is no longer an option. 

10. Failure is part of the process.

As a #GirlBoss you have to accept that you will fail more times than you will succeed. It is impossible to live life without failing at something. Some of the most successful people in history were told their were failures before they became successful. If people like Walt Disney gave up after being told he was a failure then we wouldn’t have Micky or Minnie mouse in our lives today. Failure is normal, accept it, learn from it, and move on. You have to know that just because you made a mistake that your entire career or your great idea will no longer succeed. 


I hope these 10 tips help you become the #GirlBoss that you have always wanted to be. Keep your head up ladies and keep pushing towards your goals. Happy International Women’s day to all my female readers. If you have any other tips to share with our #GirlBoss community, make sure to leave them in the comments below. 

These photos and this outfit represent a typical business casual look for me.

#GirlBoss #GirlBoss

Sweater – Ted Baker

Blouse – Zara

Jeans – Topshop

Shoes – Converse

Jewelry – Kate Spade

Photos taken by: Dasol Min

I hope this blog post has encouraged you to remember you are doing the best that you can and that we are all just trying to figure out how to be successful together. If you enjoyed this blog post, I would love if you saved/heart it on Bloglovin’! If you want to get instant updates on my life make sure to follow me on Snapchat (@anikazzz) or check out my InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.

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