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Today I’m coming to you from the forever warm and sunny Sardinia. I’m on a family holiday this week and I couldn’t be more relaxed. Sardinia offers blue waters, blue skies and I of course have my new blue Ray-Ban sunglasses on. I think my family picked the perfect week to get out of the city, from what I hear it’s hot and miserable in London. Lucky for me I’m on this gorgeous island off the coast of Italy and right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. The weather here is glorious. It’s obviously very warm in July, about 30 degrees Celsius, but the constant sea breeze and refreshing Mediterranean waters have been keeping me cool. I have spent my first few days just laying by the sea, working on my tan, and taking a refreshing dip in the sea or one of the many pools at the resort I am staying at.
I’m currently staying at the Marinedda Hotel Thalasso & Spa. The resort is gorgeous and the staff are super friendly. It’s definitely a secluded part of Sardinia and most of my days are spent lounging by the pool or the sea. I can’t complain because I really needed a bit of time away from the city and I love that Sardinia is a little reminder of Southern California, but of course the water is prettier and warmer.
On my first day I decided to spend the entire afternoon lounging by the sea and catching up on some reading and blogging. It wasn’t a bad way to spend my Monday. Since I knew I would be by the water all day my outfit for the day was something I could lounge in but also jump into the water with. I put together a monokini with a sarong. I also had to wear my new blue a aviators from Ray-Ban and to protect my face from the blazing sun I wore a fedora as well.
Monokini – ASOS
Sarong – ASOS 
Sunglasses – Ray-Ban 
Hat – Forever 21 
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