Pizza is love, pizza is life, pizza should be healthier because I eat it too much! One of my favorite places to have pizza in London is at Franco Manca. There are thousands of places to get pizza in London but what I love about Franco Manca’s is their sourdough pizza crust and of course the cheap price. I think it is the best value pizza in Central London. You get a margarita pizza for only 5 pounds! 

Franco Manca has branches all around London. I have personally been to their Soho location a few times. I am usually not a fan of chain restaurants, but all my Italian friends in London have recommended Franco Manca a few times and I just had to try them out. Depending on what time and day you go they are always busy. Expect to wait up to 30min for a table on a Friday or a Saturday night, but I promise you it is worth the wait. The pizza is delicious and super fresh. However, it is not traditional pizza. It is most yummy doughy bread with a few organic ingredients sprinkled on top. Their menu is very simple and there are between 5-10 different pizzas you can choose from or of course you can build your own. They don’t focus on toppings as much as the crust. Overall the pizzas are absolutely delicious and are traditional thin crust Italian style all bursting with flavor and at a price, you cannot beat! 

I love that Franco Manca tries to locally source it’s ingredients and keeps everything organic. I also appreciate that you can taste the genuine Neapolitan-style pizza in every one of their pizzas. They have a flavorful slow-rise sourdough crust that is so delicious you will want more than one pizza all to yourself. This might not be the best pizza you ever eat, but it will certainly hit the top 5 in London. 

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Franco Manca - Sourdough Pizza in London

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