Today, I will prove to you that short girls can indeed wear a midi dress. 


While researching the midi dress trend I found out a lot of information stating that you had to wear the midi dress if you were a certain height or taller and that short girls should avoid wearing a midi-length dress or skirt because it would be unflattering. I know it is not easy to pull off a dress or skirt that falls below the knees, especially if you are under 5’4, but I am here to prove to your today that, even as a petite woman, you can totally pull off this look. 


Generally speaking, when you want to appear slimmer you should wear pieces that hug you around the slimmest part of your body. This black dress from the petit section of Banana Republic is great for women with broader shoulders, a small waist, and wider hips. The body con feel of this dress gives me the illusion of a smaller waist and really accentuates my curves. Other than wearing a body con dress I would also recommend wearing a cropped jacket or a high waisted midi skirt to give you the illusion of longer legs. 

Here are my 5 tips to follow when wearing a midi dress:


  1. Make sure the length of your skirt or dress is slightly above mid-calf. The dress I am wearing comes right below my knees and it is the perfect length for my short legs. Anything longer would give me the illusion of having extremely short legs, which is a big no-no when rocking the midi style. You do not want a midi dress to end exactly at mid-calf because this is the thickest part of your lower leg, if it ends slightly above it will look thinner. 
  2. Wear sexy high heels: To elongate your legs and combat the stumpy look that the midi dress might give your figure. 
  3. Go for a lighter fabric. You want to select a fabric that is light and doesn’t add much weight to your figure. This dress is a basic black stealth dress. It is light-weight and made to be worn in warmer seasons. The lighter fabric clings to my figure and doesn’t add any unnecessary weight which helps me avoid looking short and stocky.
  4. Clinch in the waist. Lucky for me this dress clinches my waist perfectly, but if you have a looser fitting dress make sure you cinch your waist with a belt. You do not want to wear a midi dress without giving your waist some definition. 
  5. Select an A-line or body con silhouette. These two silhouettes are universally flattering, especially on us short girls. If you are not comfortable with the body con look then get an A-line cut dress that accentuates your waist and flares out at the bottom to create a simple, yet elegant style. 

One last thing that I look for in a midi dress is that it’s simple and elegant. My favorite types of dresses are those that offer elegance without the need to accessorize too much. This dress is eye catching without very much jewelry or accessories.


I hope this post has helped my shorter readers feel confident enough to wear a midi dress. Don’t be afraid to try out a new style just because the fashion world tells you it won’t be flattering. Make the style your own and dress according to your body type. 

Outfit Details:


Dress- Banana Republic

Heels – Tods

Clutch – Forever 21

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How short women can pull off the midi dress How short women can pull off the midi dress How short women can pull off the midi dress How short women can pull off the midi dress How short women can pull off the midi dress

  1. That dress goes to the knee. Not midi at all. A dress that falls between mid calf and mid ankle is the definition of a midi dress. Very pretty lady but misleading.

    1. Hi Sara, The dress falls between my knees and my ankle when I wear it. Sometimes it rides up but it is classified as a midi dress

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